Amorim Cork boosts Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme

The Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme, a celebrated mentorship scheme for aspiring young winemakers, has started 2015 on a high note with the announcement of a major sponsorship by Amorim Cork.

Well-known international producer of natural cork, Amorim has stepped up its involvement with the Protégé Programme by donating 0.5% of all purchases of its cork closures by members of the Guild during 2015.

“As an international company committed to adding value to wine and its image, Amorim shares the values of excellence and quality embodied by the Cape Winemakers Guild. These shared values are underscored by the fact that by far the majority of wines made under the CWG label are closed with natural cork,” says Joaquim Sá, Managing Director of Amorim Cork South Africa, who has been involved with the Protégé Programme for the past four years by donating cork closures for the wines crafted by the Guild protégés during their second year.

“In partnering with the Cape Winemakers Guild through the organisation’s Protégé Programme, Amorim aims to assist in developing and nurturing the talent within the South African wine industry which will further contribute to its reputation of excellence and diversity in all aspects,” adds Sá.

Amorim Cork is focussed on producing and distributing only the best natural and technical closures for all types of wines and spirits. Consistent in their quality, it is only natural that they have invested in furthering the careers of the remarkably gifted and diverse group of CWG protégés.

“The alliance between Amorim Cork and the CWG most certainly puts the Protégé Programme at the forefront of a successful and innovative future for winemaking in South Africa,” says Louis Strydom, Chairman of the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Development Trust.

Established in 2006 with the long term goal of effecting transformation in the South African wine industry, the Protégé Programme gives oenology and viticulture graduates the rare opportunity of working side by side and learning from members of the Guild, all acclaimed masters of their craft.

Under their mentorship, protégés are cultivated, nurtured and empowered to become winemakers of excellence.

For further information on the Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme visit, call Tel: 021 852 0408 or send an email to