Chandre Petersen - CWG Protege Reports Back

It is a great privilege to work at Nitida along with Bernard Veller and RJ Botha.  I learn so much every day, because everything is done with passion.

We started harvesting in January and on 22 February 2012 Nitida pressed their first Riesling. My knowledge of the Riesling was little, but I have learned that it has a thick and sticky skin, and therefore no skin contact was given. The skin is slimy and difficult to press.  With the Cabernet Sauvignon we apply thermo-vinification with the use of a "boiler". It is used for more color extraction. We also picked raisins from the Semillon block to make our Noble Late Harvest, Modjadji. The raisins are stored in a container and with the help of gravity, we drained the juice. The Durbanville Wine Valley has a wine forum where we discuss several points and share ideas.  At the forum I met all the winemakers in the valley and the networking is fantastic.  Durbanville is a very interesting town, because the climate is much cooler and therefore is known as the Sauvignon Blanc region. Years in Programme?   This is my first year Where are you at the moment?  Working alongside Bernhard Veller at Nitida

Clearing out the tanks

Bringing in the grapes!