Tammy Jeftha, CWG Protege - Harvest 2012 & Life as a Protege

Home is where the Heart is… at Hartenberg.

Home is a place where there is love, joy and protection. And that is exactly the atmosphere here at Hartenberg. One really feels at home when you walk through the cellar doors in the morning. And like every home, you are greeted with a distinct smell that is true to that home.

Here at Hartenberg you are greeted with the wonderful aroma of fermenting tanks. Harvest is that wonderful time of the year, where the energy is high and the days are long. Harvest commenced on the 2nd of February and on that day we picked a young block of Chardonnay as well as Sauvignon Blanc. During harvest, our cellar was invaded with four extremely energetic happy-go-lucky French guys. We had a wonderful team and there was never a dull moment even under such serious circumstances.

Carl Schultz also exposed me to the marketing side of Hartenberg, which is something I truly enjoy and that is very important. Once the wine is made, the true work (which is sales) begins. I’m at a place where I can experience the best of both worlds, and that is awesome. Switching from cellar work during the day to more glamorous work in the evenings is something I’m enjoying quite a lot. Keeps me busy and on my toes at all times!

Years in Programme?   This is my third year Where are you now?  Working alongside Carl Schultz at Hartenberg Which other CWG Members have you worked with? Nicky Versfeld (Lanner Hill); Jeff Grier (Villiera)

Tammy's Harvest Collage