Guild Membership

The Cape Winemakers Guild was founded in 1982 to improve the quality of South African wine through the tasting of international benchmarks and the sharing of knowledge amongst its members.  Membership is by invitation only and many of South Africa’s leading winemakers are members of the Guild.
The CWG meets regularly as a technical tasting group, providing its members with an opportunity to evaluate wines from around the world and to share their knowledge and ideas - ensuring that CWG members remain leaders in the art and science of winemaking.
There are three categories of Guild Membership:

Members are active winemakers who are responsible for the production of outstanding wines from harvesting to bottling. Membership is by invitation only and any person who has been recognised by the CWG as a winemaker of outstanding wines for a minimum period of 5 years can be invited to become a Member.

Non-Producing Members are Members who remain active in the wine industry but no longer make wine and are not actively responsible for the winemaking in a cellar. As Non-Producing Members, they are still able to participate in all CWG Technical Tastings and share their extensive winemaking knowledge and expertise with the Members of the Guild.

Honorary Members are individuals, either active or no longer active in the wine industry whom the Members of the Guild have given recognition to for their service to the South African wine industry.


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