Cape Winemakers Guild

Terry-Ann Klink

Third Year Protégé

Terry-Ann Klink hails from Zoar, a small missionary town in the Karoo where winemaking is not a common career choice for women. It was at university where she discovered her passion for winemaking, which has driven her career to this point.

Klink spent her first year as an intern with Johan Malan at Simonsig and her second year working at De Grendel Wine Estate with Charles Hopkins. During her second year as a protégé, she had the opportunity to travel to France for a harvest and study tour.

This is Klink’s third and final year as a protégé and she is excited to have Erika Obermeyer from Erika Obermeyer Wines as her mentor.

Klink’s dream for the future is to own a small winery that empowers other women in the industry and provides inspiration. She also hopes to give back to her community in Zoar.

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