Andrea Mullineux

Hailing from San Francisco, Andrea studied Viticulture and Oenology at UC Davis before working at Cakebread, Viader and El Molino wineries in the Napa Valley. She first came to South Africa in 2004 to work a 6 month stint at Waterford, and then moved on to Chateauneuf du Pape where, on the same trip, she met her husband Chris Mullineux.

In 2007 they set up their Swartland based winery, Mullineux Family Wines. Andrea's focus is on dry farmed Mediterranean varieties produced as naturally and classically as possible.

Since their first release, her wines have received consistent critical praise locally and internationally in publications such as The Wine Advocate and the Platter’s Guide. When Andrea is not hard at work in the cellar, her energies flow into her 2 children, veggie garden and the kitchen where she loves cooking up a storm, glass of wine in hand.

Mullineux Wines

P.O.Box 369 Riebeek Kasteel 7307

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Leeu Passant Radicales Libres 2014

This is not a normal wine. It is a force of nature. This wine was inspired by the concentrated
white wines of Rioja and the Jura. This wine was created by picking at normal ripeness
levels, followed by fermentation and several years of evaporative barrel maturation.
From the incredibly cool Barrydale Valley in the Klein Karoo; after fermentation, this
Chardonnay was aged in barrel for a further FIVE YEARS! In that time, as water evaporates,
everything else in the wine concentrates. It is an intentionally powerful experience.

Auction Year: 2019

Mullineux 'The Gris' Semillon Old Vines 2018

59 years ago Chubby Checker popularised The Twist, the rst Weather Satellite was launched, Albert Camus died, Bono was born, the laser was invented, JFK was elected US president, a loaf of bread cost 9 cents, To Kill A Mockingbird was published, South Africa was not a republic, the rst animals were successfully sent into Earth’s orbit and back, the heart pacemaker was invented and these heritage vines were planted in the Swartland.

Planted in 1960, this extremely rare, dry-farmed Semillon Gris heritage vineyard on the granite soils of the Paardeberg was hand-picked and fermented naturally in a single barrel.

Auction Year: 2019

Mullineux 'The Gris' Semillon 2017 - Old Vines

This extremely rare 100% Semillon Gris is from a 58-year-old, dry farmed, Certified Heritage Vineyard grown on the granite soils of the Paardeberg in the Swartland. The grapes were picked by hand in the cool, early morning. In the winery, the gently whole-bunch pressed Semillon Gris was fermented naturally in neutral barrels and bottled after one year. This wine, in texture and intensity, reflects the personality of the 2017 vintage in the Swartland.

Auction Year: 2018

Leeu Passant Old Vines Cinsault 2015

This Cinsault is my fi rst ever WO Franschhoek bottling, and is from South Africa’s second
oldest red wine vineyard (a very special 91-year-old bush vine parcel). It was made using
natural yeast and whole-cluster fermentation to highlight its unique site.

Auction Year: 2017

Mullineux Trifecta Chenin Blanc 2014

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in
our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff [and therefore so is this wine].” Carl Sagan

Auction Year: 2017

Mullineux Trifecta Syrah 2013

The Trifecta Syrah comes from our three best Swartland vineyards. One Syrah vineyard
is grown on Schist soil, one on Granite soil and one on Iron soil; bringing brooding
structure, perfumed freshness and lush mid-palate to the wine. The grapes were
hand-picked and whole-bunch fermented together naturally. The wine spent two
years in barrel and 18 months in bottle before release. 2013 was a very perfumed and
sophisticated vintage in the Swartland.

Auction Year: 2016

Mullineux Clairette Blanche 2015

This rare Clairette Blanche is my effort to showcase how special historically significant
varieties are in South Africa. The vineyard is 40 years old and dry land farmed on Paardeberg
Granite. Natural fermentation in barrel. Clairette Blanche evolves beautifully.

Auction Year: 2016

Mullineux Trifecta Chenin Blanc 2013

The Trifecta Chenin Blanc comes from our three best Swartland vineyards. One Chenin
vineyard is grown on schist soil, one on granite soil and one on quartz soil; bringing depth,
freshness and spiciness to the wine. The grapes are hand-picked and whole-bunch pressed
to barrel where they are fermented naturally. After blending, the wine was bottled after
one year.

Auction Year: 2015

Mullineux "The Gris" Semillon 2014

This very rare wine is made from 100% Semillon Gris from a 56 year old heritage, dryfarmed
vineyard grown on the granite soils of the Paardeberg in the Swartland. The grapes
were picked by hand, early in the morning, while the air was still cool.
In the winery, the Semillon Gris was whole-bunch pressed gently. The juice was settled
overnight and then racked to two neutral barrels where it fermented naturally, and
eventually also completed malolactic fermentation. After one year on the lees (but not
stirred) the wine was racked clean and bottled. Only 500 bottles were made.

Auction Year: 2015

Mullineux "The Gris" Semillon 2013

This 55 year old heritage vineyard grown on the granite soils of the Paardeberg is one of the rarest variants of Semillon as it only develops its "Gris" characteristics after 30 years. The grapes are hand-picked and then whole bunch pressed to French oak barrels for natural fermentation. I chose this as my CWG wine for its rarity, intrigue and harmony. Tasting Notes: Grapefruit pith nose with a spice focus of clove and saffron fronds. Floral high notes of chamomile and elderflower complement the textured, lengthy palate of peach stone and ginger powder leading to a taut finish.

Auction Year: 2014