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Nitida Decorus Sauvignon Blanc 2008

Alc 14,02 vol% RS 1,4 g/l TA 6,4 g/l pH 3,25 This wine was carefully selected from our best tank of the 2008 harvest. We allowed our grapes to ripen further than in the past to lend a riper, beautiful tropical fruit character and full mouthfeel to our typical Durbanville pyrazine grassiness. Made from only free run juice which is protected and cared for throughout in the very pedantic Nitida way. Tasting note: A wine that bursts with character from the nose to the palate. A riper than usual example of Nitida Sauvignon Blanc, it gains in tropical character but retains its definitive pyrazine personality. A first impression of flinty, mineral nettles, hinting of granadilla, followed by a mouth full of old fashioned, white, dessert peaches, juicy pear, kiwis and spanspek, with a lovely lingering capsicum finish.

Winemaker: Bernhard Veller…

Price raised per case

  • 6 x 750ml or equivalent
  • Highest: R 2 100.00
  • Lowest: R 1 700.00
  • Average: R 1 900.00


  • Bottle Size 750ml
  • Case Size: 6 x 750ml
  • Cases Produced: 40
  • Cases Auctioned 16


  • Alc:
  • RS:
  • TA:
  • pH:

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