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Committed towards real and meaningful transformations

The wine industry, especially in South Africa, is an illustration of a shifting paradigm. With something as old as wine, this cultural elixir can and should be a beacon reflecting civilisation’s advancement, woven into a country’s economic and social fabric. The growth of this industry and all its progressive implementations should, therefore, be systemic, relevant, diverse, cohesive, and all-inclusive to maintain its integrity throughout this process.

“We are committed to addressing our need to embrace diversity and to become representative of all South Africans. Working towards change and for the Guild to become an organisation epitomised not only by excellence but also by equality remain an utmost priority,”

~ Previous CWG Chair, Andrea Mullineux

The CWG Protégé Programme

A programme with heart, wholesome intention and tangible results. 

Since the inception of the programme in 2006, 36 participants have completed the three-year internship and nine are currently participating in this ongoing programme. Of those who have graduated, 18 now either hold leading winemaking roles or have their own winemaking projects. The internship is a targeted three-year programme which is aimed at ensuring skills transfer, practical experience, knowledge sharing, mentorship and the nurturing of young talent in the wine industry. The programme originally focused on winemaking (oenology) students and now includes viticulture students. 

The programme is a fantastic way to make a meaningful impact within the industry and create scope for the talent pool to expand. It is also crucial in paving the road to success for those aspiring to have a transformative career within the wine industry. The programme is also a meeting point for the members and the ‘rootstock’ of the wine industry – those who need to glean time and wisdom from winemakers who can share their knowledge and practical tips.

Nedbank CWG Development Trust

The Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Development Trust was established in 1999 to support social development through further education in the South African wine industry.

Funded through donations as well as proceeds raised by CWG Members at charity events throughout the year, the Trust’s current projects include the Oenology and Viticulture Protégé Programmes, the AgriSeta Billy Hofmeyr Bursaries and Wine Training South Africa.


  • Louis Strydom, Ernie Els Wines – Chairman
  • Gerard Martin – Winetech
  • Praisy Dlamini – Past Protégé and General Manager at Adama Wines

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