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Auctioneer’s 5 Top Tips for Auction Day

It can be daunting if you are new to online auctions, so let us put you at ease. Here are 5 valuable tips our bidders can use to have the best experience during our upcoming auction days:

  1. Study the Auction Catalogue before the auction: This will help you get the full scope of all the wines, lots for sale, participating members and objectives of our auctions.
  1. Get a clear idea of what you want: Knowing the answer to questions like whether you are starting up your wine cellar, looking to diversify your current cellar, buying wine to put away for a few years, or buying wines to be accessible now will help you plan and strategize beforehand and make auction day more enjoyable.
  1. Register in advance: To avoid the stress of last-minute registration that can affect your mood as you get ready to bid. Creating your bidder’s account and registering for the auctions in advance helps you clear things up so you can focus solely on bidding during the auction day.
  1. Set a limit Set a limit beforehand helps you avoid “spur of the moment purchases”, enabling you to bid smart. Please note that the purchase price excludes any VAT, duties, taxes, or delivery fees. All wines are sold in ZAR/Rands. No Buyers Premium or Commission is added to your Auction purchases.VAT will be added to your final invoice if the wine is staying in South Africa and delivery within the borders of South Africa is complimentary.
  1. Start small through the Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme Auction – this auction is the best learning environment for new bidders. You don’t have to experience the urgency of making fast and calculated decisions, and you can buy smaller lots, like a single bottle of wine.

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In order to take part in these Auctions, you will need to follow three simple steps before bidding.