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The Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme Auction – The auction with a heart

It will soon be time for the annual Cape Winemakers Guild (CWG) Protégé Programme Auction, a platform that provides an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the wine industry. Coveted auction lots in support of this dynamic initiative include unique collections, rare verticals and wines that are no longer available from guild members, as well as wines made by this year’s graduating protégés.

The CWG plays an important role in driving and supporting the transformation of the South African wine industry through the CWG Development Trust and, particularly, the CWG Protégé Programme. Since the inception of the programme in 2006, a total of 31 participants have completed the three-year internship and seven are currently participating in this ongoing programme. Of those who have graduated, 18 are now either in leading winemaking positions or have their own winemaking projects. The balance of the graduates hold winemaking roles within the wine industry.

The internship is a targeted three-year programme which is aimed at ensuring skills transfer, practical experience, knowledge sharing, mentorship and the nurturing of young talent in the wine industry. The programme originally focused on winemaking (oenology) students and now includes viticulture students. The programme is funded by the CWG Protégé Programme Auction and various charity events held throughout the year, as well as donations from sponsor Nedbank and other organisations.

“The programme is a meaningful way to make an impact within the industry and create scope for the talent pool to expand. It is also crucial in paving the road to success for those aspiring to have a transformative career within the wine industry. The programme is also a meeting point for the members and the ‘rootstock’ of the wine industry – those who need to glean time and wisdom from winemakers who can share their knowledge and practical tips,” says Mike Brown, Chief Executive of the Nedbank Group.

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In order to take part in these Auctions, you will need to follow three simple steps before bidding.