Cape Winemakers Guild

Lulo Bulo

First Year Protégé

Lulo Bulo is from Gauteng and has a degree in Viticulture and Oenology from Stellenbosch University. She is in her first year of the Protégé Programme and is being mentored by Warren Ellis at Neil Ellis Wines.

“I am passionate about making things and expressing myself where possible, and winemaking gives one the freedom to do so and share it with others”.

Bulo says that she looks forward to honing her winemaking skills and networking with other protégés and their mentors. She says: “I really get excited and enthusiastic about wine events and engaging with like-minded individuals. This would help me build my networks and learn more about the consumer and market pull.”

As an aspiring winemaker, her passion lies in the cellar. Not only helping to make decisions on how the grapes will be handled, or style to be made, but truly be hands on as much as possible with the team. Not every season yields the same results, which she finds motivating and thrilling.

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