Cape Winemakers Guild

Sizeka Mpupu

First Year Protégé

Sizeka Mpupu is from a small village known as Vuvu on Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape and has a diploma in Viticulture and Oenology from Elsenburg College. She is in her first year of the Protégé Programme and is being mentored by Christo le Riche at Le Riche Wines.

Sizeka has a passion for science and enjoys learning about the chemistry behind winemaking. She enjoys travelling, meeting people with different personalities, trying new things and looking for new challenges.

As a winemaker, Sizeka understands that winemaking requires passion, consistency and a leader. She describes becoming a protégé as a life-changing moment for her family. “My goal is to gain as much exposure and experience as I can,” she says. “I’m open to stepping outside of my comfort zone.”

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